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About Us

A to Z cycles, inc. formed in 2009 after realizing a demand for a new kind of motorcycle shop in the local community.

Before starting A to Z Cycles, John Cornwell owned a 2005 Harley Davidson Road King. Like many riders, after owning it for a few years he wanted to upgrade to a new Street Glide. He tried to trade the bike in for a new one, but found that because of market conditions at the time, his bike was not worth as much as he owed.

He determined that it was not worth the loss to trade the bike but found an alternative solution instead; he stripped the bike down, sold the take-off parts and found used Street Glide parts to replace the sold parts with. Thinking outside of the box, he was able to transform his existing bike into the bike he desired without losing any money.

This process led John and his wife Melissa to the idea that there might be other riders out there in similar situations.

Motorcycle after restoration Motorcycle before restoration

Business owners John and Melissa talking about how A to Z Cycles started:

“In August of 2009 we obtained a business license and officially began operating as 'A to Z Cycles, inc', working out of our garage and selling parts on eBay. Realizing that used motorcycle parts in this area was an untapped market, we decided to start setting up at local motorcycle events to buy and sell parts. It wasn't long before people started asking about new parts, accessories, modifications and repairs. Pretty soon the garage at home was just too small for the growing business and we needed a bigger space with a storefront so that we could accommodate our customers’ needs. Customers wanted advice and a variety of parts options (new aftermarket and used). After much research it was clear that no one in the local area offered all of the things that members of the local motorcycling community were looking for.

Being avid motorcyclist ourselves (with a combined riding experience of over 25+ years), we knew that customizing our bikes could be quite a hassle and was sometimes more work than it was worth. We decided that we wanted our store to be a place that people could come to ask questions and get the parts or advice that they needed without worrying about being belittled or insulted. Motorcycles offer a unique experience that people from all backgrounds can enjoy, and they needed a place that gives them the peace of mind that they will be taken care of with enthusiasm, respect and courtesy. So, we put the wheels in motion to offer our resourcefulness, knowledge, and experience to the rest of the motorcycle community through personal contact in our storefront in addition to the broader reach of the internet.

Since the company began we have consistently maintained 99% or higher positive feedback from our eBay transactions.”

Where are we now?

About a year after opening the store, we also began doing repairs and maintenance on customers’ bikes. We are now proud to advertise that we offer general maintenance, custom modifications and collision repair services; on top of our other services. We expanded into the building space next to us in early 2015 to accommodate more service and collision repair traffic! Our yearly open house has grown steadily since 2014 and the proceeds from the bike show are always donated to Habitat from Humanity! We look forward to helping the community more and also continuing to grow!


Check out John in the video below: