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Get Your Bike Ready for Winter!

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Let us get your bike ready for winter! Prices starting at $350 which includes a service, wash + wax and a free Optimate smart charger to keep your battery healthy through the winter. Make sure you ask us about winter storage as well!

Simple Steps to Winterize Your Motorcycle

*Surface Prep

Giving your bike a thorough cleaning before storage is important; letting bug guts or water spots sit on your paint can corrode the finish permanently. Wash your bike and dry it completely to get all the moisture off the surfaces (an electric leaf blower is a great way to get all the nooks and crannies really dry.) Add a coat of wax, which will act as a barrier against moisture and rust.

*Change Oil and Filter

Change all oil (Engine, Transmission, Primary) and filter. It's better for your lubrication system to have fresh oil sitting in it for several months than to have used, broken down oil in it, not to mention the last thing you'll want to do when riding season begins is change the oil before you can go ride.

*Lube Moving Parts

Keeping moving parts lubed during the winter will help keep moisture from building up on them and causing any rusting or binding. Any part of your motorcycle that needs to be lubed at any point should be lubed again before storage. Some parts to check are: cables, controls, fork surfaces, and any other pivot points.

*Prep Fuel System

Gas tanks have a tendency to rust when not in use, and untreated pump gas breaks down and becomes gummy over time. To prevent rusting and make sure your fuel is ready to run after a few months in storage, you'll want to fill your tank completely with fuel treated with a product.

A full tank will keep moisture from building up on the tank walls, and adding the stabilizer before the short ride home will help mix the gas and stabilizer together and run it through your fuel system before storage.

*Safeguard Battery

Batteries have a tendency to self-discharge when sitting over time, especially when they remain hooked up to the bike. The easiest way to combat this is to hook up a battery tender which uses smart technology to monitor the charge and keep the battery topped off without overcharging.

*Keep it Covered

With your motorcycle fully prepped for winter, invest in a proper motorcycle cover. A quality motorcycle cover will not only keep dust off the bike, but will keep the moisture out so it doesn't get trapped underneath it, and create corrosion or rust. If you're storing it outside, be sure to get a cover with tie downs to prevent it from blowing loose in wind. If you're storing it inside you're in much better shape, but you should still use a cover to prevent dust from building up on it.

*Theft Protection

If you're storing your bike outside, bear in mind that being parked unattended for months at a time makes it an easy target for theft. In addition to protecting your bike from weather, using a cover will conceal it from view, and securing it with a heavy lock and chain can give you some peace of mind.

With your bike fully prepared for a few months of hibernation, you'll find that the winter is the perfect time to get done any maintenance or upgrade projects that you've had on your mind!

Read more at: http://www.bikebandit.com/blog/post/ten-steps-to-winterize-your-motorcycle

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