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Handlebar Upgrade - Not Just for Looks!

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Riders have 3 points of contact with their motorcycle; the handlebars, the seat and the pegs. The handlebars are the most important because they effect how the bike steers and handles. Changing your bars to a set that fits you will make you more comfortable while also making the bike safer for you to ride. Many riders will notice improved handling once they start riding with a set of bars that fit them. A good set of bars can often make a difference on long rides as well; for instance the riders stock bars may be too low and cause a pinching between his or her shoulder blades. Depending on the riders height, a set of mini apes may be a solution to to offer some relief. Every bike and rider is going to have different needs, and the task of finding the perfect bars may become overwhelming. With just a few measurements and seeing how a rider fits on their bike, we can quickly help find any Harley rider a new set of bars!